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Chaturanga Workshop with Celia
10:30 AM10:30

Chaturanga Workshop with Celia

Get that chaturanga right with Celia on Saturday, May 25th

Build core strength and learn the proper alignment.

  • We will work on building the proper foundation for Chaturanga. Including core strength, proper alignment/stacking of joints, breath during Chaturanga and overall steps for Chaturanga. 

  • We will warm up the shoulders, core and wrists prior to beginning the workshop. We will use props, blocks and straps to build awareness.

  • We will cover the importance of building proper alignment and strength to prevent injury over time. 

cost: $25

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Prenatal Continuing Education Workshops with Juanita Rivas Raymer
to Jun 9

Prenatal Continuing Education Workshops with Juanita Rivas Raymer

Juanita Rivas Raymer is excited to share her passion for teaching prenatal yoga classes.  In each class we will cover one trimester and the anatomy of that trimester.  We'll go over how each trimester dictates which poses may or may not be appropriate and how to modify some of those poses.  We will also learn how to use the "props." The final class will focus on how to sequence a class that supports all the trimesters.  

Class one:

In this class we will learn about the changes in the 1st trimester, what your student may be feeling and how to support her in her practice. We will learn about certain poses and how to modify them, if she feels uncomfortable attempting them. 

Class two:

Class two will cover the second trimester, how her anatomy is changing, and what's going on in her body. We look at poses that may be appropriate for this trimester. 

Class three:

We continue learning about the different trimesters.  How does the third trimester differ from the first and second.  How are they similar?  How can we use props to make her more comfortable?

Class four:

Let's put all that we have learned in the prior classes and form a sequence of poses that can support all three trimesters.  

Dates: June 8/9 and June 15/16
Time: 2-4pm each day
Cost: $40 per workshop or $140 for all 4

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