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Mothers Women's Circle Gathering with Ashley Cerafice
7:00 PM19:00

Mothers Women's Circle Gathering with Ashley Cerafice

Join Ashley at our Monthly Mothers Circle Gathering

The Mothers’ Circle is a safe, confidential space to share about the realities of our motherhood experiences and to find friendship and emotional support.

These circles form an intimate community with whom you can connect, share, and explore the transformation that is occurring within you, as you evolve as a mother. Join a circle of other mothers who are also being transformed by parenthood, sharing a space where personal transformation is the central theme of our group conversation.

In these circles we welcome women in all stages of motherhood (pregnancy through adult children). After circle concludes you have the opportunity to connect over some relaxing herbal tea and a small snack. This is optional, if you need to leave directly after circle, you can.

Circle Structure

  • Beginning Meditation

  • Introduction

  • Circle Blessing

  • Sharing

  • Closing Meditation

  • Optional Tea and Chats

About your facilitator:

Ashley is a dedicated Yoga Student and Teacher, Zenthai Shiatsu Bodyworker and Mother of two young children. She has been attending and facilitating Mothers Circles in many forms since the birth of her first child over three years ago. Having recently moved to Claremont from Australia, she felt called to offer the gift of the circles she had been apart of in her home country.

Bookings are essential as numbers are limited.


Can I bring children?

We kindly ask that you come without children to these circles

Do I have to share?

You can attend these gatherings without sharing and you can decide this at the time. Each person is given the opportunity to share in circle, but you can always skip your turn and just hold space for others.

What makes it a safe space?

We ask that all who attend do not interrupt the person speaking, as well as not asking questions and/or giving advice without first asking permission of the person (after circle time). Some women like to share only in circle and leave it there. We ask that members in the community do not share what they have heard in the circle. Basically what happens in circle stays in circle.

What is the circle blessing?

  • This is a verbal blessing lead by the circle facilitator.

  • Blessings on the women and their hands that nurture everyone, everyday.

  • Blessings on the children, their light and playfulness guides our way.

  • Blessings on Mother Earth for providing nourishment and holding us up strong.

  • Blessings on our Circle for healing our souls and carrying our Mama song.

What is the cost?

These circles are offered as a service to the community, no profit is taken. We only ask that you leave a donation if you are financially able, this helps us cover the cost of opening the studio (lighting, heating/cooling, tea ect).

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CY x Art Walk pop up - Freedom, That's Where We Play
4:30 PM16:30

CY x Art Walk pop up - Freedom, That's Where We Play

Join us for our inaugural pop-up art experience with Claremont Art Walk:

FREEDOM, That's Where We Play
Portraits by John Gonzales

Connect Art + Asana with Joanna Lord
Creative Yoga Flow from 4:30-5:45PM | $20

Reception to follow

To register for class, please visit click the class schedule link to sign up via mindbody

Spaces will be limited, so please pre-register!

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